Web3 + Healthcare: The Revolution We Need

3 min readAug 21, 2022



Web 3.0, or Web3, is the decentralized version of the internet as we know it. Web3 is built using blockchain technology and gives the power back to the people, giving individuals total and complete control of their own data. No longer will big companies such as Alphabet (Google) or Facebook (Meta) be able to sell your data and profit from your private information. With Web3 the only one who can benefit and profit from your personal data is you, the user. This has massive implications in healthcare, where as we know, data and privacy are paramount.

Out with the old….

In Web2 healthcare, it is commonplace that patients do not own and have limited, piecemeal access to their own medical information. Never mind, patients benefiting from their own healthcare data — they cannot access it at all! Patients’ records typically belong to the physicians, hospitals, and healthcare conglomerates that run the system. In turn, we rely on these massive corporations to secure our private healthcare data. But, when things go south, there is little to no repercussions to them. A recent article reported that over half of our healthcare organizations have suffered a third-party data breach in the last year alone. With the rise in security breaches, it is no wonder many forward-thinking individuals prefer to maintain control and retain ultimate responsibility for their personal healthcare data — much like more and more individuals prefer to secure their crypto keys rather than rely on an intermediate party like a bank.

In with the new….

Web3 medicine provides patients the convenience of owning your own data, profiting from your private information (if you want), and making virtual appointments with the click of a button practically anytime you wish! This is revolutionary especially for the younger generation that’s constantly busy and pushing off their appointments for a more convenient time that may be months or in some cases years later (or even decades later after it may, unfortunately, be too late). This is also true for the older population who frequently need someone to accompany them to their doctors appointments. With Web3 medicine, more patients can now attend appointments on-schedule, by themselves, seamlessly, in our virtual metaverse, Avalon. And, when it comes to selling your data, you can through Aimedis’ NFTs that de-identify and combine relevant information to further science. The only difference is that we make conglomerates pay for your data so you get what is rightfully yours.

Virtual medicine accommodates patients’ busy schedules and makes it easy for patients to prioritize their health. The result of this is twofold. One, the patient prioritizes their health; and two, the doctors, insurance companies, pharmacies, etc. wind up reducing unnecessary costs from these patients who might have otherwise delayed their appointments for an indefinite amount of time. Simply, metaverse yields a healthier population and saves our system from excessive healthcare costs. Ease of accessing medical information securely across medical systems is another advantage of how Web3 can improve patient care. Again, our systems will save both time and money. With healthcare costs rising year over year in the past and for the foreseeable future, any opportunity to eliminate or reduce costs is beneficial for all.


Web3 healthcare helps physicians seamlessly access their patients’ records (with their permission, of course), allows you to earn from your healthcare data, and still gives pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to develop the next breakthrough in medicine. Aimedis securely packages patients’ healthcare data into usable, de-identified NFTs for research purposes so that the the advancements in science continues, with the only difference being patients getting a fair share of what is rightfully theirs — their healthcare data. Finally, patients may profit from their own sensitive medical information using simple, seamless blockchain technology so you know your data is 100% secure at all times. With Aimedis existing at the forefront of Web3 and healthcare, we ensure that our patients get the respect and money they deserve for access to their personal information.