Top E-healthcare challenges in 2021 — and how Aimedis meets them

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Fri May 14 2021


In 2021, we see the significant challenges faced by the healthcare system and how Aimedis to bring an intelligent solution to each one of them.

First, IT security and data privacy

For instance, in Germany, 48 percent of eHealth professionals stated that IT security and data privacy are significant challenges in the system.

Aimedis provides the solution to protect patient’s data privacy.

The second challenge is the patient experience.

This issue clearly shows in large healthcare institutions that serve patients with various medical services in different locations. Patients meet with multiple employees and service providers. They have a better experience when they don’t need to re-describe symptoms or give the same information numerous times. This doesn’t only give patients a better experience but also helps avoid fatal medical errors.

The third challenge is the cost of electronic health records.

For instance, the statistics show the estimated investment in the EHR sharing system from 2017 to 2022 in Hong Kong. They are showing that implementing EHRs in the consultancy services cost the government around 199 thousand USD.

Another study estimates the average cost of EHR implementation by large multi-service healthcare institutions to be roughly 162 thousand U.S dollars with 85 thousand U.S dollars average maintenance costs in the first year.

Aimedis offers a cost-efficient service to healthcare providers. — live blockchain supported healthcare platform with a unique take on community & technology. For patients, doctors, hospitals and more !