Top AIMx facts to focus on before our IDO

How can you utilize AIMx?

All Aimedis users can utilize AIMx to pay for services on the platform. Patients, healthcare providers, pharmacies, and companies can buy, hold, and use AIMx to access all our services and products. Users can also use AIMx to enable social media functions and functions inside the platform.

What benefits can you get for staking AIMx?

Holding one stake, which equals 166.666 AIMx (0,06 USD = 1 AIMX) for 12 months, grants you 12.% interests in AIMx with a minimum lockup time of 6 months. Yielding a return of 20.833,25 AIMx tokens annually.

What is the AIMx token reward program?

We will reward free AIMx tokens for active users and creators, including influencers, vloggers, moderators, surveys, and focus groups. We will also initiate AIMx funding for creative projects to spread awareness for epidemic diseases in certain areas. Users can earn AIMx by building local communities as Aimedis ambassadors.

What is the AIMx estimated liquidity?

An initial amount of 120.000.000 AIMx tokens will be available for purchase in private and public sales from a maximum supply of 600.000.000 AIMx tokens as total projected liquidity.

What category is the AIMx token?

The AIMx token can be summarized as a payment, utility, DeFi, governance and social token!



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