The Aimedis platform in a nutshell

3 min readDec 3, 2023

Aimedis is the first medical web3 platform consisting of:

1) Digital health apps for patients
2) Digital health apps for professionals (standards like FHIR, GDPR and HIPAA compliance supported)
3) A blockchain and NFT based data marketplace
4) the world’s first healthcare metaverse

Besides having digital health applications Aimedis goes much further and includes and incentivizes all stake holders including patients, including healthcare institutions, research and the healthcare industy.

The 4 parts of the platform will connect flawlessly and can make use of the other parts (e.g. medical records inside Avalon, e.g. extracting anonymous data from 1), 2) and 4) and give people the possibility to mainstream and monetize on that data (ALWAYS anonymous, ALWAYS legit)

Artificial Intelligence is integrated into each of the platform’s modules either in form of bots, avatars or routines in the background and is there to 1) generate content 2) build the ecosystem 3) support patients and healthcare professionals 4) navigate 5) teach and educate 6) evaluate data even in real time.

The blockchain is part of each of the module to a) generate trust and transparency b) keep intellectual property c) reflect payments, right management and smart contracts e.g. for consent.

NFTs are being used as a key and access token, besides make sure a), b) and c) are being kept up while data is handled between parties.

Avalon, build on the latest Unreal Engine, is being available through client versions for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android while also being available through pixelstreaming via AWS and Google Cloud. The quality of the graphics serves higher credibility when moving inside a healthcare oriented environment.

The AIMX token has a strong utility inside this ecosystem to 1) incentivize users 2) improve value through exclusive services 3) USP through higher rewards and lower prices 4) intrinsic motivation to improve data quality, service quality, content quality (e.g. AIMX rewards through LEGIT positive ratings). As a payment token it will offer better prices for services and metaverse infrastructure, advertising.

The Web3 idea incorporates healthcare and data economy and generates opportunities through its character as an open platform that will generate income, new opportunities to RAISE funds for startups and developing countries’ healthcare projects and people.

Aimedis is an nVidia inception partner and we will adapt Avalon to nVidia omniverse to open content generation, business generation and inclusion to the entire healthcare and 3D developer community all over the world.

VR and AR are being supported (e.g. Meta Quest 3) and the product shall also be adapted for Apple Vision Pro, but does NOT require VR means it runs on old hospital PCs, phones, tablets and later also a Playstation or XBox.