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3 min readFeb 3, 2022

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Wed Feb 02 2021

Since Facebook changed its name to Meta, the hype around the metaverse, or virtual worlds, has exploded. From Play2Earn GameFi projects to NFTs in the Sandbox, the idea of a virtual escape from reality is enticing but what does the metaverse actually mean? And how can it be used for more than just gaming and fun? Aimedis is a future-focused, healthcare platform that has been working on virtual healthcare services for a while now and we continue to innovate in the space.

The reality of healthcare and the subpar quality it provides is a shock to almost everyone. In theory, healthcare in the twenty-first century sounds advanced and high-tech – the reality unfortunately is not so. Until one is thrust into the depths of a broken healthcare system, they will not know the intricacies of its failures and the shortcomings of a fragmented, for-profit system. Although technology has grown exponentially decade-on-decade for the last century, the progress we have made in healthcare has been limited.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many were forced to accept new technologies such as video meetings (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and so on) as an acceptable standard to learn, conduct business meetings, and just communicate, in general. The metaverse takes the comfort we’ve developed with virtual meetings to the next level. Instead of me being here and you being there and us talking to screens, you and I both can now be together in the same room and seemingly interact with each other as if we truly were in one place!

We recently discussed the shortage of physicians and other healthcare providers throughout the world. Aimedis’ metaverse is not only a stunning experience for patients and providers but it also allows experts in various fields and subspecialties of medicine to share their knowledge “in-person” across the globe. A pediatric heart transplant surgeon in London can virtually assist a less-experienced but knowledgeable surgeon in Washington via Aimedis’ metaverse offering. The possibilities of knowledge-sharing are endless and the potential to spread medical knowledge, expertise, and high-quality care is infinite.

The Aimedis team was honored to present our metaverse at Arab Health 2022 and look forward to further development of the technology underlying our virtual platform and other offerings that make Aimedis a pioneer and true influencer of modern healthcare.

-The Aimedis Team

About Aimedis:
Aimedis is a novel healthcare ecosystem combining medical records, communication tools, prescriptions, sick certificates, second opinions, IoT and tracker devices, the world's first medical and scientific NFT marketplace, a pharmacy, and a social medical network, a place to meet other patients and connect to healthcare professionals worldwide. Blockchain technology supports trust and credibility of information and data exchange. Aimedis is multilingual and serves people everywhere in the world. Learn more at

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