TDeFi Onboards Aimedis In Its Acceleration Program

2 min readMay 21, 2021

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Fri May 21 2021

TDeFi announces the incubation of Aimedis, a blockchain-based healthcare operating platform that focuses on community and data transparency. Aimedis has spawned the first DeFi and NFT use cases in the healthcare industry by collecting and interpreting medical and scientific data for taking quick, right and effective decisions. The Aimedis medical and data-driven ecosystem is intended to serve patients and hospitals on a global level through applications available on PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

About TDeFi

TDeFi is an Acceleration and Incubation Program for DeFi & NFT startups. The TDeFi team strives to bring the best methodologies and practices so that the projects in our cohort can harness the power of industry connections and a slew of services aimed at growth and sustenance. Our objective lies in helping the end-investor and user to seek returns in valuable startups rather than finding value in vague and underdeveloped projects. TDeFi flaunts 15+ crypto projects that comprise Bitay, SingularityDao, Aqar Chain, DeFi11, VulcanForged, Drife, xBTC, OroPocket, BTCProxy and many more. By advising and mentoring these startups, we intend to establish a world of sustainable and high-performance ecosystems driven by decentralization at the heart.