Take a tour to The Aimedis platform to discover the current standings before the IDO.

6 min readMay 20, 2021

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Thu May 20 2021

We developed a unique platform that serves patients and hospitals globally via a multi-lingual smart platform available on PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Aimedis offers a new solution in the healthcare sector by providing all e-health services in a blockchain-supported medical platform, that is basically a healthcare operating system.

We gather all medical professionals in our medical ecosystem, including doctors, nurses, pharmacies or research institutions to connect them with patients and stakeholders in healthcare to give them space where they can provide an excellent service, have access to all the needed data in one place, and connect with decision-makers to help the growth and development of their institutions.

This article will take you on tour to our platform to see our progress in the last two years. We successfully finished the following.

First, the Patient User Interface.

Status: Complete, currently live.

AIMx Utility: Patients can use AIMx to pay for all services at a 10% discount.

The patient platform provides patients from all over the world with an easy-to-use interface to create a full medical profile and manage all their healthcare services in one place.

Features of the patient platform include saving and utilizing the patient’s medical information such as vaccination, blood type, prescriptions, BMI, and other medical data, making it easy to refer to this information when the patient needs them in the future.

The patient platform provides the ability to integrate smartwatches and tracking devices; patients can already connect their Fitbit and Withings devices, their Apple Watch (iOS) and Google Health compatible devices (Android).

Patients can journal their health updates to monitor their progress in the treatment of controlling chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, and other conditions that require continued screening of the symptoms.

Besides journaling health updates, patients can monitor lab results such as Glycated hemoglobin HBA1c and readings of blood sugar, heart rate, and blood pressure to follow up the efficacy of a prescribed treatment and monitor the progress of the treatment plan.

One of the most vital features of the Aimedis patient platform is the patient’s emergency data center. The emergency data access summarizes data needed in emergencies, including patients’ allergies, medications and their history of medical conditions. It will also give the contact data of the patient’s family doctor to refer to when needed.

We accept the payment with AIMx from patients on all services on the platform at a discount of 10% for the actual costs in USD or other FIAT currencies.

Second, the Doctor User Interface.

Status: Complete, currently live.

AIMx Utility: Doctors can use AIMx to pay for all services at a 10% discount.

The Aimedis platform provides a fully functional user interface for doctors to facilitate the management of their patient’s cases. Doctors can index their patient’s journal, including all the needed medical data such as the medical conditions, treatments, prescriptions, lab tests, vital signs, and the visit logs.

Doctors can order and update the patient’s prescriptions on the Aimedis platform easily with one step, which appears in the pharmacist and the patient’s end automatically to update and index all the patient’s medication and prescription changes. This also helps patients dispense medications from pharmacies in the Aimedis ecosystem without waiting for the physical form of the prescription e.g. in case of emergency.

Doctors can use the Aimedis platform to schedule their appointments with patients using the integrated calendar. This helps prevent the overlapping of appointments and decreases the long waiting or the rescheduling problems by pre-scheduling the appointment weeks in advance.

Doctors can get access to the patient’s emergency data and trigger emergency actions using the platform. This feature can be life-saving when used appropriately by sending SMS and push notifications to the patient’s emergency contacts.

We accept the payment with AIMx from doctors on all services on the platform at a discount of 10% for the actual costs in USD.

Third, the Pharmacies User Interface.

Status: Complete, currently live.

AIMx Utility: Pharmacies can use AIMx to pay for all services at a 10% discount.

The Aimedis platform provides a smart user interface for pharmacies to access patients’ prescriptions and download it to approve and dispense a patient’s medications.

The features of the Aimedis platform for pharmacies serve a highly essential function. Pharmacies need an official copy of the patient’s prescription for multiple reasons. The most important function is the coordination with insurance companies which covers a share of the prescription cost with the patient. The Aimedis platform helps pharmacies to get the official prescription from doctors in the Aimedis ecosystem with precise diagnoses, medications, and doses. This helps accelerate the dispensation of the prescription accurately without any dispensing errors.

Prescription access serves another vital function of dispensing controlled drugs and substances, which mandates a unique prescription for the controlled drugs with the doctor’s signature to administer it to the patient according to the regulations.

We accept the payment with AIMx from pharmacies on all services on the platform at a discount of 10% for the actual costs in USD or other fiat currencies.

Other services by Aimedis will accept AIMx include the following.

Aimedis Virtual Hospital

Status: To be released in the third quarter of 2021.

AIMx Utility: All users can use AIMx to pay for services in Aimedis virtual hospital at a 10% discount.

Aimedis Virtual Hospital provides a fully integrated hospital information system that decentralizes the healthcare service by providing a complete location-independency of the service. Patients can connect with clinics from everywhere through the virtual hospital, which offers a unique information base that helps clinics manage their patient’s data and helps patients get services without attending extra appointments.

The virtual hospital information system offers a monthly subscription model for hospitals and accepts payments in AIMx at a 10% discount which helps hospitals get unmatched technology at a low entry cost and maintenance cost.

DataXChange NFT marketplace (The first medical and scientific marketplace)

Status: To be released in the third quarter of 2021.

AIMx Utility: Pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies can use AIMx to buy medical and scientific NFTs on the DataXChange NFT marketplace at a 10% discount.

Another huge AIMx Utility: Data providers can earn AIMx by selling medical data collected by them at predictable prices when they sell their medical NFTs on the marketplace.

Aimedis introduces the first medical and scientific NFT marketplace, offering a fair and secure way of acquiring and selling medical and scientific data for medical research and other purposes. Our NFT marketplace leverages data providers by providing them a sequence to productize and sell their data reasonably with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions, and insurance companies.

Our medical and scientific NFTs are well-structured, credible, and traceable medical data collected by trusted healthcare providers. Smart contracts regulate a secure exchange on the blockchain for these NFTs, showing a transparent sequence of the data exchange and each party’s commitment, automatically executing the terms of contracts in any condition. Important: The data is always anonymous and can never lead back to a patient.


The DataXChange marketplace will boost the AIMx value by circulating the token between users. The buy/sell of the NFTs allows users to use AIMx to pay/receive money on valuable goods (medical data) with no intermediaries. This DeFi model will support the token utilization expected to support a bullish pattern after the successful launch of the NFTs marketplace.