Six reasons why you should be part of the Aimedis AIMx IDO


Aimedis is a fully integrative medical ecosystem that gathers all medical professionals and communities in one platform with endless functionalities.

Our IDO Planning

After the successful private sale for AIMx, we are planning to launch our Initial DEX Offering in June to provide an opportunity for the public to buy into our fast-growing platform and join the community of thousands of medical professionals and patients around the world.

1- Benefit from the first-mover advantage

When all indicators and conditions gather to support your purchase decision, the earlier your entry, the higher your reward. When you buy into our IDO, you enter the ground floor of our growth. Meaning your window of profit is way larger than any late entry point.
Every new successful technology faces the adoption curve when introduced to the market; the early adopters represent the group of people (Users and token holders) who identify and capture the opportunity in the early stages. And create a level of certainty by actually using the product or reading the project whitepaper and users’ feedback to know the value the technology brings to the market. The first-movers enjoy the leverage of the most considerable long-term profit window.

2- Benefit from the immediate liquidity

The token liquidity impacts everything in the token exchange, from the bid-offer spread to buy/sell execution. That’s why it’s important to choose to execute your trade on a high liquidity phase. The Initial Dex Offering provides instant liquidity that gives everyone the leverage of buying a flexible amount of the token with immediate supply.

3- Benefit from the low cost of the token

The AIMx token will start at a very low price on the Initial Dex Offering. Acquiring the token at the lowest price gives the token holder all the advantages of utilizing/trading the token with the lowest market value.

4- Meet Aimedis Long term goals

We aim to make a significant change in healthcare data management by democratizing the data and providing unmatched technology to hospitals and healthcare institutions. The Aimedis platform, products, and services will help healthcare institutions meet the high demand of service and maintain the highest quality standards. Aimedis will help manage and prevent diseases and save lives by the new emergency data center technology. Meeting our long-term goals will achieve high profitability that token holders will benefit from, either by utilizing or trading.

5- Get Access to the first medical and scientific NFTs market (DataXChange).

Our medical and scientific NFTs are well-structured, credible, and traceable medical data collected by trusted healthcare providers. Smart contracts regulate a secure exchange on the blockchain for these NFTs, showing a transparent sequence of the data exchange and the commitment on each party, automatically executing the terms of contracts in any condition.

6- Get the latest trend in blockchain and token technology

The Aimedis Social medical platform (AIMSocial) will adapt the usage of the AIMx token also as a social token, offering never before known opportunities in participating and making revenues through social and medical interaction. This is real decentralized and incentivized healthcare!



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