Security and ethics in the Metaverse. How does Aimedis ensure maximum protection for Health City users?

4 min readDec 30, 2021

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Sun Dec 19 2021


The Metaverse in general is still a little more than a concept for now. Based on the researchers’ insights, we can define it as a combination of multi-users 3D virtual space merged with the physical world that allows users a more immersive and rich experience.

Generally speaking, Metaverse promises an unprecedented leap in the way humans are connected. In fact, many companies can capitalize on it to create 3D experiences for the brands they promote. They also can track their users by not how many clicks they made but what direction they look at and what movement their bodies take, besides other biometric data.

Though Metaverse will create infinite opportunities for companies to collect more deep data about their clients, there are many doubts about data security, privacy, manipulation, and deep fakes. If they are not prepared enough to deal with those threats, brands might play the risk of destroying their relationship with their clients.

What are the potential threats with the currently proposed metaverse projects?

Metaverse allows people to interact and socialize with each other in a way that we have never imagined. They will use it at work, entertainment, shopping, and almost everything, which will generate a high volume of data.

Companies can use those streams of experiences for targeting their customers-which raises some doubts about privacy. Is this data secured from being missed out?

How does Aimedis protect the community from security and privacy threats?

To protect customers’ data, Aimedis will ensure drawing on experience. The first lesson is to put the user’s security first. Aimedis will prohibit using third parties or mischievous cookies without permission and listening to the users of Health City.

Third-party cookies are snippets of code that track user movement on the internet. They are used effectively by advertisers to target their audience. However, they’ve also been an annoying problem for people worried about being monitored all the time. By limiting the penetration of these cookies, users of Aimedis Health City are protected against data breach.

Toxicity, harassment, and bullying.

Those are mainstream ill-mannered behaviors users have already faced. Harassment in VR is real. The Metaverse offers a vast space of freedom for every user. However, if it can’t draw a balancing line between freedom for expression and protecting its users, it would lose a large part of its audience.

Aimedis solution:

Aimedis incorporates features built into the Health City to protect users against suspicious and inappropriate interactions. Aimedis will allow easy blocking and reporting mechanisms to protect users, besides will have safe spaces and security admins that are around 24/7.

Other issues about users’ Safety

Another challenge that threatens the Metaverse’s experience is safety. The Metaverse depends on external digital devices such as virtual reality headsets and IoT devices. When users wear those headsets or other hardware devices, they can experience this platform and live immersive 3D experiences as an Avatar. The problem occurs when those virtual headsets are attacked by hackers, who might misuse this data for unethical purposes.

This data is probably sensitive for the user. Any failure to protect it will likely affect large amounts of data. Suppose it has fallen into the wrong hands. In that case, users could face scam messages or fall prey to a malicious plot, and they can end up getting scammed for tokens.

Aimedis solution:

Aimedis will pledge to offer complete protection for their users’ data. Medical data is shared inside Health City and their connected wallet addresses. Aimedis will add multiple layers of security that include protocols that verify transactions and instantly report and prohibit suspicious transactions.

Manipulation & Alternate Representations of Reality

That’s the fourth challenge we have to mention for its hazardous effect on corporates’ credibility. To make the picture clear for you, we will recall the memory of Nexon’s fake video.

MIT and Mozilla recently released a deep fake video. It presents President Nixon while announcing that Apollo 11 had failed in its mission to the moon. That deceiving video uses AI technology to render the old video of the president into a fake reality. It has received a lot of coverage and fueled the conversation about manipulation and ethics in the new world.

Aimedis’ solution

Aimedis is crafting the optimal protocol to guide ethical-based decision-making. Those decisions will imply respecting users’ data and banning manipulative behaviors in the community.

Ensuring the integrity of information and committing to a truthful policy is the core value that Aimedis ensures in Health City.


Health City will be a one-of-a-kind Metaverse experience that will change the healthcare services on the web. Blurring the lines between reality and the virtual world will give all metaverse projects a more immersive, limitless experience. But it will also create big challenges. Privacy and Safety are on the top concerns users will expect to face. Ensuring safety and security while maintaining a solid code of ethics is the main non-negotiable basis that Aimedis pledges to ensure for the community.

As a matter of fact, Aimedis is actually setting up an ethics commission for the medical metaverse consisting of experienced doctors, psychologists, VR & metaverse specialists and lawyers.