Professor Shafi Ahmed becomes first Medical Metaverse Officer @ Aimedis

2 min readJun 30, 2022


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Thu 30 June 2022

The internationally renowned surgeon and university professor Shafi Ahmed is now strengthening the Aimedis team as Chief Medical Metaverse Officer and, together with the Dutch company, is driving the digitization of the entire healthcare industry.

Aimedis Avalon is the first, and so far only, digital health platform in the Metaverse. Professor Ahmed states: “I am delighted to become part of the Aimedis team. In the future, we will have to completely rethink the topic of health and prevention, since more and more examinations and treatments can be carried out in a virtual environment.”

Aimedis CEO and founder Michael J. Kaldasch states: “We are very happy to have Shafi Ahmed join us as our first Chief Medical Metaverse Officer! He is a visionary and a pioneer when it comes to using the latest technologies. He performed the world’s first VR operation with around 55,000 viewers in 140 countries.”

Ahmed’s declared goal: The fusion of medicine, education and VR/AR virtual and augmented reality. His surgery lectures, recorded with Snapchat Spectacles, have an extremely high reach with 100,000 downloads and 54 million Twitter views. Kaldasch: “And it is precisely this fusion that is made possible by the innovative technology that is provided on Aimedis Avalon.”

Aimedis Avalon gives doctors, students, and patients access to extensive medical knowledge. Medical training, education, and medical consultations are becoming more reliable and of higher quality thanks to simulations and imaging diagnostics in 3D formats. Aimedis’ COO and founder Ben El Idrissi explains: “Devices, trackers, wearables and a simple iPhone enable diagnostics and consultations without the need for patients to be physically present.” Ahmed concludes, “Aimedis Avalon also enables secure access to patient data and medical histories — physicians and therapists can exchange ideas and consult experts who practice in other countries. The health of patients will benefit in the long term from this.”

The Aimedis advisory team has also been expanded and is pleased to welcome renowned experts including Professor Guy Vallancien from France, Dr. Bernard Bulwer of Boston and Dr. Michael Rothschild from Israel to the team.

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