Mental Health Stigma Revolutionized

3 min readApr 21, 2022



The Mayo Clinic defines stigma as “when someone views you in a negative way because you have a distinguishing characteristic or personal trait that’s thought to be, or actually is, a disadvantage (a negative stereotype).” Stigma is detrimental to the recovery of an individual suffering from mental illness and this is largely due to societal dynamics which disincentivize individuals from seeking mental health care. When people are treated differently than others they will act differently, as well. This creates a vicious cycle for those suffering from mental illness. Aimedis cannot wholey influence the way individuals suffering from mental illness are perceived by society, but we can bring awareness to the cause and we can give these individuals a safe space to relax in the metaverse. Our efforts to this end are just one, small way we are making a difference using the latest in metaverse technology.

What is a relaxation area?

A relaxation area is a virtual pod in our metaverse, Aimedis Avalon, where individuals can take a break from the mundane grind of day-to-day life and find solace in a virtual break from reality. We all know that life is stressful. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a vice president of a NASDAQ-traded company, we all have stressors. One of the key differences you can make in your life is taking the time to relax so that your body can destress and recover from the toll of human existence. Technology has done a lot to make our lives easier but, at the same time, it has also added new layers of stress to our lives by making us accessible to others 24/7, thereby creating the expectation, for example, that we ought to respond to texts and emails instantly. The benefit of our relaxation areas is that they provide a virtual safe space to recover from everyday life and it forces us to take a mental break from the incessant pinging and interactions of social media and all of our mobile devices.

Mental Health Unlocked

One of the main benefits of remote, virtual relaxation areas is that individuals can improve their mental health remotely from the comfort of their own home or workspace. Mental health is just as important as physical health; therefore, just as one must go to the doctor to ensure they are physically healthy, one must ensure their mental health is taken care of, too. With Aimedis Avalon’s remote relaxation areas, it is easy to care for your mental health as you won’t have to leave your home to benefit from this relaxing metaverse experience. Virtual services are on the uptrend due to convenience and ease of access and we are at the forefront of innovation in the healthcare space, not only highlighting the stigma of mental health care but also providing a new tech solution to an old problem.


Aimedis is continuing to develop the future of modern healthcare with our metaverse, Aimedis Avalon. We are creating several relaxation areas that will be accessible for everyone and where individuals can let loose and destress whenever and wherever. From relaxation areas to virtual medical care and second opinions, we are delivering real-world solutions to age-old problems. It is important to note that our progress does not stop here. The team continues to work hard to develop additional metaverse applications and we maintain our position at the forefront of forward-thinking healthcare companies bringing novel tech to the masses.

-The Aimedis Team

About Aimedis:

Aimedis is a novel healthcare ecosystem combining medical records, communication tools, prescriptions, sick certificates, second opinions, IoT and tracker devices, the world’s first healthcare metaverse and the first medical and scientific NFT marketplace, a pharmacy, and a social medical network, a place to meet other patients and connect to healthcare professionals worldwide. Blockchain technology supports trust and credibility of information and data exchange. Aimedis is multilingual and serves people everywhere in the world. Learn more at

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