Introduction: Aimedis in a Nutshell

Background Story

Aimedis was founded in 2016 by the practicing physicians Michael J. Kaldasch and Ben El Idrissi, who have been working in Internal Medicine and Neurology for over 12 years (in hospitals located worldwide).

Aimedis the Company

Aimedis is a Netherlands-based company striving to provide the next generation healthcare solution. We wish to connect patients to e-healthcare services and product providers such as: doctors, hospitals and scientific research facilities, on one side. On the other, Aimedis makes use of the latest generation AI algorithms and incorporates blockchain technology (such as smart contracts, and data security protocols) to enhance the UX of users.

Aimedis the Team

Michael J. Kaldasch is the CEO and cofounder of Aimedis and is up to nowadays practicing physician in internal medicine.

The Aimedis Vision Room

The Aimedis team has been working on multiple e-health projects since 2009 but started its first own version of a working platform (codename “TheHealthNet”) focusing on patient — doctor connection and data exchange in 2012. The system was tested successfully in the clinical environment, forming the foundation for the later development of Aimedis. Our experiences made during this pilot time combined with 12 years of clinical experience in internal medicine and neurology by the founders were key to a system considering the demands of patients as well as of professionals in the medical field.

The only project in the blockchain + healthcare space that has an already running platform, already used across hospitals in Europe (Germany being the first market).

We integrated the needs of patients and professionals to create a platform supporting patients by storing, transferring and validating all kinds of medical data, connecting to medical devices, providing remote supervision to medical professionals, institutions and other patients.

The only project in the blockchain + healthcare space that has a dedicated space for the patient Community.

Our conviction is that every human being deserves access to proper medical treatment. But where medical treatments fail, the uniting force of a community sharing the same experiences and medical conditions prevails.

The only project in the blockchain + healthcare space that has an already running AI protocol.

Aimedis supports doctors through AI and smart and intuitive interfaces to achieve time and cost efficiency, while increasing the level of quality in treatment.

The Customer Persona — Beginning Thoughts

The Aimedis users are:

  • e-Doctors (professionals who believe in the future of e-health and wish to extend their services and patientcare in a safe, online environment).
  • e-Hospitals/e-Clinics (organizations, public and private, who understand the benefits of e-medicine and wish to work alongside e-Doctors to provide the best healthcare services to patients worldwide).
  • Pharma, Insurance companies, startups and providers in the IoMT & IoT.
  • Fully compatible with the latest standards in health IT.
  • ISO 27001 certified.
  • Offers a valid solution for an improved patientcare experience, where the patients do not have to deal with stress, hidden costs; where doctors can provide a medical prognosis and diagnosis in a fast, easy, efficient manner, saving lives; where the hospitals and clinics who are partners in this project can contribute to a better healthcare system, and benefit from a truly satisfied audience (happy patients = happy doctors = happy medical society).
  • Makes use of big data and statistics to provide trends and market demands, listen to the needs of its users, and improve the platform and its products on a regular basis; decisions backed by solid data.
  • Adapt to governmental regulations and laws.

Your Health.

Your Data.

Your Life.

Where You Can Find Us



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