In strategic cooperation with NonceVC, Aimedis welcomes one of the leading venture capital companies to shape the future of blockchain technology in healthcare

2 min readOct 5, 2021

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Tue Oct 05 2021

Aimedis is glad to announce the partnership with Nonce VC, the UAE- and Netherlands-based blockchain-backed medical startup, and one of the leading blockchain-oriented venture capital companies are done agreed on the partnership structure that will leverage the mutual efforts to excel in the blockchain space and deliver the future technology that gives the most innovative solutions for healthcare problems.

NonceVC is a global venture capital company with a sharp vision to support blockchain startups with financial resources and creative growth strategies that are tested and proven to help blockchain companies grow multi-million revenue businesses with hundreds of employees. NonceVC dedicates its investment to equity and token ventures with a clear and strong potential in the market. This orientation paved the way to the cooperation after the successful launch of the Aimedis platform and services, which are set to bring solutions to the healthcare industry over a wide range of in-need services and to use multiple layers of technology.

NonceVC’s contributions to blockchain startups exceed the financing and growth strategies as they provide technical support and, most importantly, networking with other providers in the blockchain ecosystem and Dapps field space. NonceVC’s cooperation with Aimedis will offer a significant synergism expected to convert Aimedis’s business objectives into technology protocols that Aimedis can use to scale the users’ base and achieve the targeted growth.