How does the AIMx staking yield stand compared to other crypto staking?

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Thu Jun 17 2021

What is staking?

What are the benefits of staking AIMx tokens?

Benefit number one, the dual-potential profitability.


If you hold one stake of AIMx (Which equals 200.000 AIMx) for 12 months, and the AIMx token market value is up 50% by the end of the year, your profits are:

  • A return of 000 AIMx for the staking.
  • 50% return on the total AIMx token (Staking tokens + return tokens)

200.000 AIMx tokens + 25.000 AIMx tokens = 225.000 tokens x 50% return of the price movement. (1AIMx = 0.05USD on the IDO).

Benefit number two, eliminate the stress of day trading/swing trading.

Benefit number 3, long-term growth with Aimedis.



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