How does the AIMx staking yield stand compared to other crypto staking?

What is staking?

Staking cryptocurrency coins describes the buy and hold of a certain amount of coins while locking them up for an agreed period with the aim to validate transactions on the blockchain and earn rewards on your staking.

What are the benefits of staking AIMx tokens?

Benefit number one, the dual-potential profitability.

Staking AIMx offers dual-potential profitability by granting an annual percentage yield of 12.5% with a minimum lock-up time of 6 months. This static yield is also accompanied by the potential profits of the price movement.

  • 50% return on the total AIMx token (Staking tokens + return tokens)

Benefit number two, eliminate the stress of day trading/swing trading.

Watching the price action mostly comes with stress, especially with the high volatility in the cryptocurrency market. However, staking coins with a known lock-up period gives you the freedom to take care of your other financial decisions with clarity, away from the market updates and price actions.

Benefit number 3, long-term growth with Aimedis.

If you are in the medical field, you definitely will benefit from our current live and upcoming services. In addition, you can stake AIMx to benefit from our fast-growing community and use Aimedis services at a discount of 10% after making a return of 12.5% on your stake annually.



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