How Aimedis introduces new dimensions of security, convenience, and profitability of patients’ data

4 min readJul 10, 2021


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Sat Jul 10 2021


Managing healthcare data is one double-edged sword that could help enhance the healthcare service or cause a big headache to institutions. According to an American survey conducted in 2019, healthcare institutions consider digital systems the fourth most crucial step to comply with data privacy regulations and achieve successful data management.

But healthcare institutions are not the only side that benefits from the digital transformation in managing medical data. Patients are also a significant side that struggles while receiving medical care and facing a lot of problems concerning their medical data, and we can summarize these problems as:

1- The time-consuming and inconvenient data processing measures.

2- The danger of data breach and security problems.

3- The exploitation of data by third parties and using patients’ data without consent.

4- The unprofitability of their medical data compared to the high cost of healthcare service.

We studied thoroughly the previous problems that patients face every day in medical settings and developed our platform specifically to solve these problems. Here is how we achieve that.

First, healthcare data convenience.

Medical professionals and healthcare providers often take data from patients manually at different stages and settings in the current practices. Physicians ask patients about their medical history, allergies, and concurrent conditions. This data, in best cases, is only documented in the doctor’s office and could be recalled exclusively by the doctor. This process costs the patients’ time and effort to repeat the same reportings in different medical settings, making it time-consuming, inconvenient, dangerous. It does significantly cause errors based on inaccurate reporting.

Aimedis’ contribution in this area

We developed a highly secure blockchain-supported platform to help store patients’ data in one place where doctors can recall it at any stage of the treatment without the need to duplicate history recordings or additional unnecessary questionnaires.

The Aimedis platform also makes the process super convenient for patients. It helps them bypass the time-consuming, repetitive reporting of their medical history and symptoms in different medical settings.

Patients can use Aimedis’ blockchain-supported platform to forward their medical data to other service providers and doctors. For instance, patients can grant access to their family doctor, dentist, physiotherapists of their medical data, so the doctors can access the same data at any stage of the medical treatment at any location, either locally or internationally. This feature helps patients to regain control of their own medical data, save time, and avoid double-billing for doctors for repearting the same processes over and over again.

Second, healthcare data security.

Medical data security is often challenged at two different phases — collection and storage. The most major challenges are data breaches and exploitation. The current medical data collection system lacks the traceability that ensures data could be traced to its credible source. Good traceability ensures that the medical data can’t be manipulated or changed. Other security measures the system lacks are the weak, insecure storage on computers that data could easily approach, exposing the patients’ data to exploitation, and using their data for purposes other than the medical service.

Aimedis contribution in this area

We developed the first medical and scientific NFTs marketplace to establish the world’s first medical data B2B market and help patients and data providers find a fair and secure way of mainstreaming and monetizing their medical data.

The medical and scientific NFTs marketplace will allow a direct exchange of medical data in an organized form in NFTs for money, optionally minted or paid in the native token AIMx from buyers. The marketplace will provide a rich market for researchers, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, space agencies, car manufacturers, AI companies and many more to fulfill their continuous and urgent needs for credible and traceable medical data for their work which will open the multi-trillion dollar market of medical and scientific data to the world — and space.

The NFT marketplace is based on Aimedis blockchain protocol. The selling/buying processes are done according to smart contracts that automatically apply the terms and sequences of the agreed terms between the two sides, which ensures maximal security, safety and simplicity.

Third, healthcare data profitability.

In third-world countries, patients share their medical information with healthcare institutions and medical service providers without realizing what happens next. Institutions often use the patients’ data for research purposes without the patients’ consent, leaving patients with zero profitability of the data used or sold. This violation doesn’t only happen in developing countries. It bypasses patients to profit from their medical data to participate directly in medical trials, which is critical and in many aspects illegal. Because medical trials have an inevitable risk of side effects that comes with exposure to drugs in the early development phases, this kind of participation is not mainstream.

Aimedis contribution in this area

The medical and scientific NFT marketplace DataXChange will give B2B customers & patients fair profitability from their data generated while receiving medical services and staying completely anonymous. We allow patients to benefit from the usage of their medical data without directly participating in medical trials by granting them profits from the medical NFTs created by data providers using their data. This fair profitability allows an equitable profit distribution between large institutions and patients.




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