How Aimedis bridges the gap in the globally declined doctors to patients ratio

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Sun Oct 03 2021


Patient care is of the utmost priority in healthcare. Every healthcare professional’s sole goal as a provider is delivering the best, highest quality care possible to the patient. Unfortunately, the reality of modern healthcare is less than ideal. As the population grows and the Boomer generation ages, the number of patients increases at an accelerated rate and outpaces supply. The number of new physicians cannot keep up with this high demand.

Patients are struggling to access quality healthcare. The care that is being delivered suffers from the high demand for doctors. We can summarize the problems as follows.

The increased patient to doctor ratio globally leads to:

  1. Less time per patient interaction
  2. Lower quality of care provided
  3. Poorer treatment outcomes
  4. Decreased patient approval and subsequent quality of life

We studied the issue of a rising patient to doctor ratio and leveraged Aimedis’ technology and data trove to solve this complex issue. Here is how:

First, leverage Aimedis’ technology to address the high patient-to-doctor ratio.

The rising number of patients relative to doctors causes doctors to limit their time with patients, sometimes to as little as 5 or 10 minutes. Along with limited interaction comes a poorer quality of care and treatment outcomes.

Aimedis’ contribution in this area

Aimedis reinvents the hospital and practice information system. We developed virtual hospital and rehab services. Up to now, these systems are bulky, overloaded with dated Uls from the 1990s, bloated with software, and incredibly high prices because the key players in the space have significant overhead in staff and distribution. Moreover, the update processes are not transparent and overpriced while not being compatible with future demands.

Aimedis helps decrease the ratio by leveraging technology to support healthcare professionals, make their jobs easier, and improve patients’ lives. Our platform is easier to maneuver and saves patients and doctors time by delivering a seamless and intuitive experience for all parties involved.

The need for digital solutions in healthcare is increasing as healthcare systems struggle to deliver, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We narrow the gap of access to healthcare by increasing the accessibility to and affordability of medical services. Patients can now access remote care with our platform, which will save our doctors time that they do not have.

Second, a social media platform for patients and healthcare professionals.

The high patient-doctor ratio also yields lower patient approval ratings and lesser quality of life. Patients are turning more and more to the internet and social media specifically for their healthcare needs. Unfortunately, much of that information is subpar. Figuring out how to help patients with their medical needs while at the same time safely lowering the unreal demand for physicians is no easy feat. Previously, no systems existed to deliver appropriate, remote healthcare and save everyone an unnecessary visit. COVID-19 has forced everyone to accommodate, and in this area, we are ahead of the curve.

Aimedis’s contribution in this area

Aimedis’ AIMSocial is our medical social media platform. It creates a space where patients support each other to live happier and healthier lives. Within this robust community, patients can share their experiences with diseases, the effects of treatments, and all kinds of information about health issues, wellness, and nutrition. They can share subjective experiences with treatments, drugs, symptoms, and everyday life situations with partners, family, and environment. Aimedis combines empiric medical data with perceived data by the community, bringing healthcare professionals together with the swarm intelligence of patient groups to reach new levels of medical support and quality. We know of various chronic diseases wherein many health cases, people benefit more from talking with and learning from other similarly affected people than they do from talking to doctors and nurses, who often are limited by the slow advances of medical therapies.

The impact of health information delivered via mobile applications is vital, especially in regions with poor infrastructure. Many studies report significant drops in HIV infections after people are informed about risks and prevention. Education and awareness can be enhanced by health professionals using the social media platform to reach out to people both near and far.

The Aimedis Social Medical Network also consists of medical influencers, doctors, nurses, or healthcare specialists from other healthcare fields, to support patients via videos, streams, content, and more. The Aimedis blockchain plays a significant role when it comes to securing and incentivizing people for their efforts.

How Aimedis addresses healthcare inequality

As an estimated 3 to 5 Billion individuals in emerging countries without proper healthcare begin to acquire online access for the first time, electronic health technology becomes more critical than ever. Providers, facilities, and government agencies will need to support these new consumers’ needs and focus on cost reduction and increased efficiency. We are excited to be at the frontier of this revolution in healthcare.

Implementing electronic health technology infrastructure will be a lucrative opportunity in any part of the world where health care resources are scarce. While this technology will bring much-needed relief to growing nations, it can also improve patient care in developed countries. Hospitals can employ technology to reduce emergency room overcrowding by providing relevant medical advice and triage services, especially during out-of-office hours, weekends, and holidays. Hospitals will also use the technology will also use it to offer remote care for patients who are undergoing treatment for chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, or heart diseases. Aimedis is perfectly prepared and positioned to serve the needs of both developed and emerging markets. Our AIMChain 2.0 blockchain-secured data structure supports the entire platform, which secures all information shared and accessed through Aimedis.

Aimedis platform improves the quality of care and relieves stress off of our critical healthcare system. With Aimedis, your data is secure, and your health is in good hands. We continue to save doctors time to decrease the ratio of patients to doctors.



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