How Aimedis, AIMx and the Aimedis blockchain represent the new life-saving technology in emergency medicine


The emergency departments in hospitals serve the most vital function in medical care as it receives and manages high daily workflow. The challenges arise when this workflow exceeds the capacity and the readiness. The outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic exposed this issue as emergency departments faced a maximum demand of receiving high numbers of emergencies daily that needed and still need a rapid response and decision-making from the first point of the emergency call.

Aimedis platform emergency features

We developed a highly functional and responsive emergency data center for patients that doctors can access in emergencies and perform life-saving measures that help the patient navigate into the right direction.

Patient inputs in the emergency center

1- Conditions: A journal of the patient’s conditions that actively require management.

The doctor’s access to the emergency center

Aimedis platform gives doctors the ability to access the patient emergency center using the patient’s ID. Doctors can access the patient’s emergency data and order actions such as sending messages to the patient’s emergency contacts and receiving the patient’s emergency data.

The AIMx token in case of an emergency

The Aimedis token can be bound to the Aimedis platform inside a wallet and thus guarantee liquidity in cases of an emergency, which can be especially important when traveling.

How does Aimedis contribute to the emergency departments in the healthcare sectors?

Aimedis provides a wide range of services to the healthcare sector. Aimedis aims to participate in elevating the efficiency of the emergency workflow through these services, including the following.

1 — Staffing service

We connect healthcare institutions with highly qualified and licensed emergency doctors to cover their recruitment strategies and overcome any shortage in the emergency unit that might occur at any point.

2 — Aimedis online courses

We provide medical professionals with updated resources to the latest guidelines and updates in the emergency practice. We offer a wide range of online courses for the medical team.



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