Everything you need to know about Aimedis medical and scientific NFTs

The importance of healthcare data

What is the problem with the current medical data collection?

1- Unorganized / Unstructured

2- Poor Data Security

3- Undemocratic / Unfair distribution of profits

4- Lack Of Traceability

DataXChange the first medical and scientific NFT marketplace.

The first DeFi case in the healthcare industry

What is the concept behind our medical and scientific NFTs?

Who benefits from our medical and scientific NFTs?

First, patients around the world. (Indirectly)

Second, Contract Research Organizations and hospitals.

Third, Pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.

What makes our medical and scientific NFTs unique?

1- Credibility

2- Incorrubtabilty

3- Traceability

4- Fair profitability

5- Predictability of price

6- Confidentiality



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