Education and Avalon

3 min readAug 5, 2022



Last month we discussed how patients and investors both benefit from our novel healthcare platform. This article will be focused on delving into how the Aimedis Avalon metaverse has the potential to encourage the next generation of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff to enter into the field of medicine.

The Current State of Affairs

A primary reason many individuals are hesitant to start a career in healthcare is because of the potentially bad outcomes they may witness, such as patient death. No individual wants to have to tell anxious family members that their loved one did not make it. The metaverse is not the solution to eradicate all patient deaths but it does solve the problem for many avoidable or preventable situations. As medicine continues to focus on preventing near misses, or close calls with medical errors, the trend has shifted to educate all staff in how to avoid such errors, and, unfortunately, how to talk to patients and loved ones when those errors (albeit, thankfully rare) do indeed occur.

Avalon as a Unique Solution

Technology is the missing piece of the puzzle that healthcare education and research is lacking. Through the use of virtual reality in the metaverse, both medical students and doctors alike will be able to practice medical care in a real life-like virtual environment. This is revolutionary because in real life scenarios, resources are limited and expensive; hence, the amount of research that can be conducted is also limited. With metaverse and Web3 there will be no need to limit medical research due to limited resources. This will not only make medical staff much more comfortable with treating patients, but moreover, it will pave the way for medical breakthroughs and, eventually, cures. Modern medicine is seeing, arguably, the greatest advancement in recent history thanks to the technology Aimedis is developing.

The use of metaverse virtual reality to perform procedures and other medical practices will give aspiring doctors the confidence they need to succeed in real-world medicine. Medical students will be able to practice as much as they need in school, and even once they are trained physicians, in the metaverse. The opportunity to practice a maneuver, technique, or procedure unlimited times without the threat of negative patient outcomes (or embarrassment from peers or superiors) is as revolutionary as it gets in the field of healthcare.

Metaverse also helps encourage individuals who are on the fence to take the plunge to join the medical field by having them get a taste of what a career in medicine actually entails, in the virtual world, without having to actually step foot into a physical healthcare facility. There is a lot of schooling and training for an individual who is an aspiring physician and this gives these individuals an accurate idea of what a career in medicine actually looks like and feels like. The commitment of time and money alone is enough to scare off some potential candidates. In fact, many intelligent and talented people are unfortunately drawn to business and finance instead; who knows what sort of breakthroughs we are losing daily because of this. If these individuals experience for themselves in the metaverse what a day in the life of a doctor truly is they may develop the confidence and encouragement they need to push through the many arduous years of medical training.

There is a sense of camaraderie one feels when they seek medical training in the metaverse, much like an online community all going through the same journey together. Students, interns, and residents can vent together, learn together, study together, support each other all from the comfort of their own homes through the use of the metaverse. Avalon offers all of these features in a convenient seamless ecosystem by integrating healthcare providers, patients, and the underlying technology to develop it all. This gives medical personnel the community support they need to get through the many difficult years of training required to become a healthcare provider.


The metaverse encourages medical professionals to brainstorm and discover new ways to take modern medicine to the next level by providing an environment that encourages exploration and innovation with no real-world repercussions. In this way, doctors are free to practice their skills but also to explore even the most bizzare scenarios which can lead to real world medical breakthroughs. This sort of medical research often takes years and large amounts of money, while metaverse conducted-research is quicker and much less expensive as it requires less supplies and truly frees the mind to explore medicine unhindered.




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