Dr. Javier Mendoza — the first gastroenterologist in the metaverse

Aimedis welcomes Dr. Javier Mendoza on the medical board in health city.

We’re glad to announce our partnership with Dr. Javier Mendoza, Gastroenterologist and eHealth expert, to be the first doctor featured in Aimedis’s health city in preparation to launch our new medical metaverse.

About Health City

Virtual hospitals are one of the Metaverse applications in the medical industry. They connect patients and doctors in a virtual 3D environment through a metaverse-based interface. We’ve introduced Health city’s demo in 2022 Arab Health exhibition for the first time and got a very positive feedback from users who loved the 3D virtual experience.

About Dr Javier Mendoza

Dr Javier Mendoza is a gastroenterology specialist with 20 years of international experience working in multiple European countries, including Spain and the Netherlands. Besides his global expertise, Dr. Mendoza holds a master in ehealth. Now, Dr. Mendoza is on the board to deploy his long lasting experience in healthcare and specifically gastroenterology to supervise the new gastroenterology consultations in Aimedis’ metaverse Health City.

A paradigm shift in telemedicine

Aimedis Metaverse Virtual hospitals will revolutionise the telemedicine field, changing how doctors and patients communicate.

Mutual vision in eHealth

In Aimedis, we launched our E-health applications for patients. E-health applications help the patients acquire a digital and portable version of their medical records and grant access to different services. Our mobile apps are available on iOS and Android (with several 100.000 downloads on Android’s play store and Apple App Store).



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