Announcing the Future of Healthcare: Aimedis Avalon & Aimedis Web3 Platform!

2 min readSep 1, 2023

We’re thrilled to introduce to the world two groundbreaking innovations: Aimedis Avalon, the world’s first healthcare metaverse, and Aimedis, the pioneering web3 healthcare platform!

🌍 Explore New Realms with Aimedis Avalon!

Venture into the digital landscapes of the United Arab Emirates, Northern Australia, and exclusive zones tailored for our cherished industry partners. Avalon is not just a metaverse; it’s a revolution in healthcare interaction. Dive into an immersive AI experience, converse, seek support, and be amazed by the possibilities.

💡 Features at Your Fingertips!

➡️ Telehealth: Access healthcare from the comfort of the digital realm.

➡️ Education: Expand your knowledge with a plethora of healthcare resources.

➡️ Meetups: Connect, collaborate, and build communities.

➡️ Retail: Experience a diverse range of shopping opportunities.

💰 Introducing Aimedis Credits: The currency of the future!

Purchase services, virtual or physical items within Avalon and our web3 platform. Buy with your credit card or, for the crypto-savvy, use the Aimedis token (AIMX) and enjoy a 10% bonus in credits!

🌐 Aimedis Web3 Platform — Coming Soon!

In just a few days, get ready for a paradigm shift! Our web3 platform comes powered with advanced AI, dedicated to medical inquiries and education.

📢 September: A Month of Innovation!

Stay tuned throughout September as we bring you a cascade of releases, updates, and detailed insights into the vast content and capabilities of our platforms.

🤝 For Our Valued Industry Partners outside the US:

Experience Avalon at its finest! Enjoy special discounts and unique features by holding a specific amount of Aimedis tokens in our staking pool.

🌟 Special Offer with AIMX!

The AIMX token isn’t just a cryptocurrency; it’s your key to unlock premium features. Stake AIMX and enjoy unmatched advantages, especially if you’re eyeing those exclusive functionalities and discounts.

This launch is the beginning of a phased rollout to selected partners and participants. A broader launch to the general public is set for later this year. So, whether you’re a healthcare professional, patient, or tech enthusiast, get ready to be part of the healthcare revolution!

Stay connected. Stay informed. Welcome to the future of healthcare with Aimedis Avalon and Aimedis web3 platform! 🌐🎉