An in-depth look into the new AIMX smart contract

4 min readJan 12, 2023

Aimedis is excited to announce the release of our new smart contract.

This updated contract is specifically designed to stabilize AIMX and protect i.a. against aggressive arbitrage and sandwich bots.

It will also help to comply with regulations regarding data privacy, security, fraud prevention, and anti-money laundering while being regulatory compliant.

We’ve heard your comments and have been working relentlessly ever since to provide a new and upgraded smart contract!

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at how the smart contract works and its benefits.

Let’s dive in.

Why a new smart contract?

The new smart contract is still running on Binance Smart Chain while offering a bunch of new functionalities.

This wasn’t possible in the latest smart contract.

In the updated version of AIMX smart contract, we are introducing features that will help protect and prevent price manipulation.

The new smart contract will be audited shortly! You can already see the contract code on explorer (click the link below).

Here is the new contract: 0xceD1492EA4d59F4e83409f26752A784c3f8709cA (decimal 18)

Before looking into the new features, let’s see what a new contract means for you!

A new smart contract, a new token

A ‘new’ token has been released with the new and improved smart contract. It is more an ‘updated’ token than properly new, per se.

Think about it like that: the new token mimics the former state of AIMX.

Supply is the same, burned tokens have been burned again, and a new burning feature has been put into the new contract.

A snapshot of AIMX holders was taken on 11/01/2023 at 11:24CET.

New tokens matching the snapshot have directly been airdropped to wallets holding AIMX at that time.

Let’s now see the new features regarding the stability of the price.

New ways to prevent market manipulation and abuse

New transactions fee

A 5% fee has been introduced for any sale of the tokens. Of that 5%, 2,5% will be put back into the LP (liquidity pool), and 2,5% will be added to our operations wallet to support funding the development of the project.


To fight manipulation but also to be compliant with upcoming regulations in the crypto markets, we introduced a blacklist functionality.

While Aimedis will never blacklist a wallet to manipulate the price or the trading volumes or the access of a legit owner to their tokens, we all have to accept that the wild west times in crypto have come to an end, and disasters like the events around FTX must be prevented under all circumstances. Thus legal entities and law enforcement at any given time must have the option to disable wallets (e.g., through judicial order) that contain stolen or illegal tokens.

Aimedis establishes its ecosystem to be part of the healthcare systems of the future which means the token must not be compromised as it plays a major role in the medical ecosystem and we can not risk that definitely upcoming changes in laws and regulations (e.g., new AML rules, CBDC ecosystems) will make the use of the token difficult or even impossible.

Welcome to a new era

With the new smart contract and this article, we are aiming for more transparency regarding what Aimedis is doing.

We thank you for your support and wish you a Happy New Year!

We are the future.


How can I add the new token to my wallet?

To add a new token to your wallet, here are the details:

Smart contract address: 0xceD1492EA4d59F4e83409f26752A784c3f8709cA

Token Symbol: AIMX

Decimal: 18

Metamask wallet:

Trust Wallet:

  • Open your Trust Wallet app
  • Scroll down, click on “Add Tokens”
  • Click the + sign on the top left corner
  • Choose the BSC Network
  • Paste in the new smart contract
  • Click done
  • And voilà!

What’s happening with Probit?

Due to technical aspects and company interest, we decided to delist AIMX tokens from Probit.

What should I do if I have tokens on Probit?

You should withdraw the AIMX token to your wallet. You can use a BTC wallet of your choice. (no exchange wallet)

Details for the exact procedure are to be updated in the next 72h.

What’s happening with my staked tokens?

We are currently manually adding back staked tokens to each wallet with the proper timer. You will not lose your timer. Missed rewards will be airdropped to you.