Aimedis’ vision for the future of medical E-learning & E-teaching


The continuous education of the medical team has a considerable ROI on the medical service in any healthcare institution. In the competitive healthcare industry, institutions strive to have a highly skilled workforce with high staff retention and minimal to no medical errors or malpractice. These goals directly correlate to the institutional financial performance and the quality of patient experience.

The digital shift in medical learning and resources

Before the digital era, medical learning was restricted to indexes and paper resources. The digitization of medical education and teaching changed this perspective. It offered new advanced channels to physicians to acquire the last medical updates soon as it is cleared anywhere in the world in real-time.

The concept behind Aimedis online courses

Since the start of the global pandemic 2020, with a massive lockdown in most countries, medical, educational institutions, and medical professionals have started to think about leveraging E-learning to fill this gap. Aimedis offers this solution for the medical community by delivering cost-effective, easily accessible, and continuously updated learning resources for all medical professionals.

Aimedis online courses framework


Decentralize learning resources by offering a huge open library of courses and resources for medical professionals and provide a profitable market for medical content creators and medical instructors to share their knowledge and experience with our medical community.

Target users:

1- Medical professionals

AIMx Payment/Utility/Social:

1- All users of the Aimedis platform, including doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and practitioners, can use AIMx tokens to buy courses at a 10% discount.


Offering the first medical online courses platform on the blockchain that helps the medical community nurture their knowledge and keeps updated with medical advancements and treatment protocols all in one place.

Benefits of Aimedis medical online courses for medical professionals.

Aimedis online courses platform provides medical professionals with credible updates and highly accessible medical resources and courses that will be available at the platform exclusively and could be purchased and accessed at any time.

Benefits of Aimedis medical online courses for medical instructors and content creators.

We aim to provide independent medical instructors and content creators with a market to share their experiences, knowledge, and skills with a large community of medical professionals as well as patients and their families who search daily for medical info. The Aimedis medical online courses give the medical instructors the opportunity to monetize their experience and gain the highest profitability from their work by getting instant visibility in the market with no intermediaries or high fees.

Benefits of Aimedis medical online courses for healthcare institutions and hospitals.

We help hospitals and healthcare institutions by providing learning resources that are in need in their training programs. This allows hospitals to improve the quality of the provided service besides retaining their staff and avoiding high turnover, which puts a financial burden on healthcare institutions.

Benefits of Aimedis medical online courses for patients and their families

By providing medical information, teachings or video content, we make sure patients receive medically validated information, by doctors and validated by doctors, strictly bound to medical evidence and guidelines. Especially the Covid-19 crisis showed the vulnerability of people falling for fake news or conspiracy theories making it particularly difficult to overcome such a critical situation. People google millions of medical questions every day and are often routed to pages that are not based on medical evidence, research or guidelines. Aimedis helps fixing this issue. Besides the Aimedis eLearning and eTeaching portal is connected to AIMSocial, the Aimedis social medical platform that will enables people not only to access valid medical information but getting incentivized and participated e.g. with the AIMx token, that also is a social token!



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