Aimedis Museum of Virtual Medical & Scientific Art: The first medical & scientific visual art in the metaverse.

What are the features of the Aimedis museum?

First, ownership

The medical museum is an extension of the medical NFTs marketplace. Meaning users can own projects inside the museum and buy/sell projects in auctions with pre-estimated floor prices for each category of projects.

Second, utility

The medical Art inside the museum will include a diverse set of visuals, media, 3D stereoscopic medical animations, and medical data graphs.

1- 3D Medical, educational materials

Medical, educational materials such as body organs and structures give medical schools and educational institutions the capacity to shift part of the seminars to the metaverse.

2- Illustrative videos and live surgical procedures.

For the first time, doctors can attend surgical procedures in real-time. Hospitals can organize medical training by securing their space in the museum and offering scheduled procedures for doctors to attend from everywhere around the world inside the metaverse.

3- Exclusive medical data statistics and charts.

Medical data statistics will have a section where data providers can present their data resources so that users can get an overview and buy full stacks of the original data with ownership to the data included inside the NFTs.

4- Medical devices and instrumentals

This category allows medical devices companies to get visibility inside the museum and present their latest innovations for medical practitioners. Medical devices companies can present their devices with digital manuals and 3D illustrations about how it works, boosting their sales using the metaverse.

Third, profitability

For the first time in the NFTs space, NFT holders can make profits from fees paid to view specific categories of the NFTs



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