Aimedis’ Metaverse: Avalon for Patients and Physicians

Aimedis Avalon offers easily accessible healthcare from anywhere in the world. No longer do patients have to wait in a waiting room to see a psychiatrist or obtain a second opinion on their diagnosis. With our platform, patients receive the same quality care they so desperately need at a convenient time and location, be it home, school, or work. Aimedis Avalon is revolutionizing healthcare as we know it.

Aimedis understands that mental health flare-ups can happen anytime, anywhere and that’s why we have created a platform where mental healthcare is available seamlessly and quickly. This kind of accessibility can potentially save lives especially during these changing times. In the wake of a multitude of traumas across the globe and with the versatility and advancements of tele-medicine since the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for remote access to healthcare has skyrocketed. The need for such services is so high that physician preference for telemedical communications has shifted to the point that medical professionals are leaning on virtual offerings more and more.

Avalon fulfills the needs of both patients and healthcare providers by creating a virtual world that is easy to navigate and comfortable to provide and receive healthcare virtually. Doctors and other healthcare workers are able to provide key services in a virtual space that is safe, secure, and easy to navigate. Avalon opens doors to physicians and other healthcare workers to create their own businesses when in the past they never thought such opportunities were possible because of barriers such as money, disability, or even age.

The metaverse provides new financial opportunities for physicians and other healthcare workers by creating a space that they can see more patients, more quickly which translates into more billable hours. More providers translates to more patients being helped in a more timely manner and more money being made for the physicians — money that will inevitably be used to improve offices and clinics, and improve the experience for all patients. Therefore, Avalon is a clear win-win scenario for all stakeholders. With the metaverse constantly evolving and expanding there will be more financial opportunities for physicians in the future. This is just the beginning of what the metaverse can provide for physicians and patients alike.

In summary, with Aimedis Avalon, patients are able to access critical health services from the comfort of their home, office, or schoolplace so they need not spend an hour traveling and an hour waiting; instead they can access all the benefits of high-quality care in an easy and simple manner. Physicians can work from the comfort of their home and spend less time running around a hospital or office, and more time caring for patients who do desperately need their medical attention. The trend of virtual tele-health is growing daily and will continue to grow as more and more people see the benefit of this new technology and as the new generations (who are comfortable with such advanced tech) age. The time-savings and seamless integration of our platform with existing tech will thrust our metaverse into the forefront of cutting-edge advancements in patient-centered healthcare; we hope you will join us on this journey to advance healthcare across the globe.



We are creating the future of healthcare.

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