Aimedis’ Metaverse: Avalon for Industry Leaders, Hospitals, and Training Programs

3 min readJul 17, 2022

How can pharma and insurance companies use Avalon to grow their customer base, advertise, and generate new income streams?

The metaverse allows physicians to expand their customer base across the globe as services are performed and delivered virtually. This enables them to treat more patients than they can in the physical world. The more patients healthcare providers treat, the more money providers and insurance companies earn. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for both doctors and insurance providers.

Revenue streams do not end there though; the Aimedis Virtual Hospital ecosystem will allow healthcare institutions, private practices, and others to advertise their products or services to relevant customer groups but only if the patients wish to see such ads. Using blockchain technology to securely and seamlessly aggregate data that is relevant to your patient population is key to a successful, targeted ad campaign. This is beneficial for the following reasons: firstly, the companies being advertised are assured a relevant demographic seeing their product/service which is key to generate sales. Secondly, these ads act as a revenue stream for Aimedis. Lastly, patients who appreciate targeted ads may see them, while those who do not, will not.

How will AI companies and other industries benefit?

With the shift to medical care being provided through the metaverse and Web3, doctors need more efficient ways to read and diagnose medical images and scans. AI aids radiologists in reading scans by zooming in on key insights in the images which helps physicians prioritize patients. AI also helps avoid medical errors in reading electronic health records because of its high-volume, low-risk nature. This is key to a successful business in that it brings in more money over time while reducing the long-term costs associated with the technology. As AI tech advances, the costs will be driven down and the quality of care will continue to improve.

How will education and training profit from the metaverse?

The metaverse takes virtual learning to the next level with real-life-like visuals that makes learning more understandable and relatable to students. This is crucial when it comes to medical training because with the detail and intricacy of metaverse technology, medical students can see medical diagrams with much more clarity. These virtual replicas are nearly identical to the real thing. No longer will students need to dissect cadavers which can be very expensive for medical institutions to acquire. It also eliminates medical errors in the real world since everything can be practiced in the virtual metaverse before performing on the physical patient. This saves medical institutions a lot of money in lawsuits and of course, most importantly, it saves lives.


Avalon is an incredibly powerful healthcare metaverse tool that will benefit all. From medical students, to physicians in practice, to healthcare administrators in the upper echelons of healthcare delivery — we all benefit when a technology improves the means and quality of the healthcare we provide. Of course, Aimedis is fundamentally based on improving patients’ lives but, we all know, money talks in this world, so seeing the bottom-line benefits for our tech serves us well as we expand, collaborate, and improve on the technology of the future.