Aimedis launches the first Initial Exchange Listing on Probit on 25 November as well as an IDO in collaboration with Sekuritance and TrustSwap’s ‘The Crypto App’

6 min readNov 14, 2021


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Sun Nov 14 2021

About TrustSwap

TrustSwap is a cross-chain DeFi provider that allows token swaps and provides a trustless P2P escrow service that incorporates the most revolutionary technologies in the blockchain.

TrustSwap introduced Decentralized subscription and cross-chain payment models through smart contracts that aim to promote mass adoption of DeFi products on the blockchain. The Crypto App has over 2.5M users and we will have dedicated advertising in the coming days leading up to the launch.


Sekuritance has built world-class investor due diligence mechanisms to screen participation into the IDO and ensure only eligible participants contribute to the project as directed by the project’s jurisdictional and legal requirements. On the 25th November 2021, a dedicated page from Sekuritance will open up allowing investors to pledge their contribution. We invite all would-be-investors and interested parties to finalize their due diligence process ahead of time to ensure the pledge process on the day will be fast and smooth. Sekuritance together with its Launchpad partnerships continues to contribute to the ecosystem by introducing its sustainability, security, and transparency to help its customers launch their projects and token sale. Aimedis spotted the opportunity to launch the Initial Dex Offering with Sekuritance as partners to join the community of the successful project launches on the platform.

Safety & Compliance

Sekuritance aims to protect the community from the risk of immediate sell-offs and rug-pulls after token launches by introducing the client project to token lockup mechanisms as well as vesting possibilities based on the project tokenomics, which is a full-audited service that locks up tokens for early adopters, developers, teams, and buyers until a particular development milestone is achieved.

Why does Aimedis choose Token Lock and Vesting mechanisms?

Token Lock and vesting services can securely lock up tokens for the team, developers, and early adopters to be released only after certain development milestones or waiting periods are met. This system can provide all parties and investors with peace of mind and the assurance that no one will “exit scam” or dump their OTC coins on a shaky new market. It also holds project teams and developers accountable to their communities by tying payments to concrete achievements untrustworthy and transparently.

Aimedis’ community and ecosystem will enjoy media and marketing support from the Sekuritance, their marketing partners and the TrustSwap group Companies and the various communities they are involved in. This marketing support creates an optimal environment of trust and confidence in the community and can help set Aimedis up for a marathon of success in the market.

How can the Aimedis community participate in the upcoming 25th November IDO?

  1. You can prepare your due diligence profile on: and select “onboarding” as that will create and update your investor profile
  2. Official Aimedis Participation form opens at
  3. Registration for the IDO opens 48 hours before the IDO start date and closes 6 hours before
  4. Lottery levels winners and whitelist winners are announced
  5. Base allocation is calculated. It depends on the number of participants and ensures that there are enough tokens for guaranteed allocation.
  6. When the IDO sale starts, registered participants with guaranteed allocation, lottery, and whitelist winners can fund their allocations in the pool
  7. FCFS round starts 1 hour before the IDO sale end
  8. Once the sale is finished, Sekuritance provides this crucial data to the Project team and emails to the eligible participants will be sent with instructions of where to send the funds

About Probit Exchange

ProBit is a secure and professional decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which offers a wide selection of trading pairs of altcoins, DeFi tokens, staking events, low-fee trading, and other popular crypto services accessible via quick and straightforward email registration.

Why did Aimedis choose Probit for IEO?

Users of the Probit exchange platform enjoy the following benefits:

1- Low trading fees

2- Wide selection of cryptocurrencies

3- No forced KYC

4- Well-designed exchange and excellent UX with a user-friendly dashboard.

5- Professional team and customer service

6- Large Base of Crypto-to-crypto exchange:

ProBit offers users to trade more than 340 cryptocurrencies in nearly 600 markets, making it one of the best exchanges for the latest coins and tokens.

7- Highly secure exchange: ProBit has not experienced any breaches previously as the exchange adheres to the highest security standards on its powerful 150,000 orders per second capable of processing exchange.

About Aimedis IDO Planning

After the successful private and seed sale for AIMx, we offer our community to buy publicly, hold, or trade AIMx on decentralized exchange platforms starting with TrustSwap and Probit beginning on 25 November. AIMx is utilized in all Aimedis platform services, and users can use it to pay at a 10% discount for all services offered.

The initial projected liquidity will be 60.000.000 AIMx tokens from a maximum supply of 600.000.000 AIMx tokens with a 2% annual burning rate in the first five years after IDO.

How can you utilize AIMx?

All Aimedis users can utilize AIMx to pay for services on the platform. Patients, healthcare providers, pharmacies, and companies can buy, hold, and use AIMx to access all our services and products. Users can also use AIMx to enable social media functions and functions inside the platform.

AIMx will be the primary currency in Aimedis DataXChange, the first medical and scientific NFTs marketplace.

Users get a 10% discount on services when using AIMx as a payment method on the platform.

AIMx will enable governance on future decisions inside the system, the social & medical metaverse and the NFT marketplace.

AIMx will gain DeFi aspects with the launch of the medical NFT marketplace.

What benefits can you get from staking AIMx?

1 Stake = 200,000 AIMx. A min. of 200k AIMx is required to participate in the yield farming program. Stake for x months, receive 12.5% interest in AIMx. For example, if users stakes 200.000 AIMx for 12months => 12,5% interest (25.000 AIMx Tokens). Lockup time for staking is at least six months.

What is the AIMx token burning mechanism?

We will burn 2% of the total existing AIMx tokens for the five years following the IDO. After five years, decentralized governance will decide about the continuation of the burning program.

What is the AIMx token reward program?

We will reward free AIMx tokens for active users and creators, including influencers, vloggers, moderators, surveys, and focus groups. We will also initiate AIMx funding for creative projects to spread awareness for epidemic diseases in certain areas. Users can earn AIMx by building local communities as Aimedis ambassadors.

We will reward participants in the Aimedis social healthcare ecosystem. Including blogs, podcasts, video, and chat groups. Content creators can use AIMx to enable premium features to publish their content on the platform.

What is the AIMx estimated liquidity?

An initial amount of 60.000.000 AIMx tokens will be available for private, and public sales from a maximum supply of 600.000.000 AIMx tokens as total projected liquidity.

What category is the AIMx token?

The AIMx token can be summarized as a payment, utility, DeFi, governance, and social / metaverse token.




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