Aimedis is part of Cyber Polygon 2021 by the World Economic Forum

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Mon May 31 2021

We are proud to announce that Aimedis will be part of this year’s Cyber Polygon Event which is supported by the World Economic Forum.

This is the Cyber Polygon 2021 concept:

As the global digitalisation is further accelerating, the world is becoming ever more interconnected. Digital ecosystems are being created all around us: countries, corporations and individuals are taking advantage of the rapid spread of the Internet and smart devices. In this context, a single vulnerable link is enough to bring down the entire system, just like the domino effect.

A secure approach to digital development today will determine the future of humanity for decades to come.

Cyber Polygon 2021 will enable the spectators and participants to improve on their cyber literacy, enhance the resilience of their organisations and learn to repel cyberthreats on all levels.

Aimedis is happy to connect to the World Economic Forum, partners in the space and wants to emphasize to be one the most secure digital health solutions on the market.



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