Aimedis is establishing a partnership with Adshares

2 min readMar 24


Adshares, a global provider of blockchain-based advertising solutions and Aimedis, creators of the first and largest healthcare Metaverse will now collaborate to create ad campaigns within our Metaverse Aimedis Avalon. By using advanced blockchain technology Adshares ensures that ad campaigns are tailored to individual patient health needs, providing real value to users.

This collaboration will enable Aimedis Avalon to provide its users with the most relevant advertising offers tailored to their individual health needs to ensure optimal patient care.

The partnership offers both companies the opportunity to increase their reach and strengthen their position as leading players in their respective industries. Through the collaboration, Adshares and Aimedis Avalon will combine their technology and expertise to develop innovative solutions for the digital health industry and deliver personalized healthcare services to patients.

Adshares has already acquired well-known partners such as “Decentraland” and “CRYPTOVOXELS”. We are proud to work with such a strong partner as Adshares from now on.

What is Adshares?

Adshares (ADS) is the most advanced blockchain-based project in the advertising market, whose decentralised ecosystem connects publishers and advertisers directly.

It offers a fully decentralised advertising ecosystem that provides a range of ad tech services to empower the marketing activities of any company. Direct contracts between Publishers and Advertisers are possible thanks to the use of blockchain protocol.

Capable of holding the entire programmatic industry’s advertising settlements, Adshares also facilitates the growth and development of the entire marketing area.

  • Simplifies blockchain adoption by the ad tech industry
  • Brings transparency to advertising buying and value chain
  • Enables placing ads in Web3 apps and the Metaverse

Adshares serves as the default advertising solution, which can be applied for Media, Games, Metaverse, Webs and DOOH.

Adshares develops a three-layer complete solution for ad tech: from its blockchain, through the Adshares ad settlement protocol, to ad servers which allow it to manage and place campaigns in all touchpoints, including the Metaverse.

Through this integration, Aimedis will work with Adshares to bring high quality, relevant ads to Avalon Metaverse users.




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