Aimedis introduces the integrative platform and a new system for rehabilitation medicine

4 min readSep 9, 2021


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Thu Sep 09 2021


Physical therapists face tremendous challenges in everyday workflow in rehabilitation centers to help patients recover after different neurologic diseases, traumatic injuries and surgical procedures.
Statistics show that orthopedic physical therapy takes more than half of the total national outpatient rehabilitation expenditure to get more insights into the rehabilitation market.

The total expenditure on physical rehabilitation was estimated to reach 110.6 billion in 2019 as part of other categories of medical services, including chiropractic medicine.

What is the problem with current neuro and physical rehabilitation systems?

The current neuro and physical rehabilitation models rely solely on prolonged hospital stays and regular physical therapy sessions, which require the direct intervention of medical professionals and continuous interaction between them and patients. After the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, this rehabilitation model faces a considerable challenge as, on the one hand, hospital resources have shifted majorly towards managing Covid patients’ complications. On the other hand, strict physical distancing makes it necessary to decrease the direct contact between healthcare providers and patients, making the process more complicated and time-consuming. Accordingly, many patients in need of neurological and physical rehabilitation are not receiving adequate essential therapy in hospitals. Thus, it negatively affects the outcomes in the long term.

How can Aimedis be integrated into physical rehabilitation?

Taking the rehab therapy to a more home-based comfortable, and easy-to-operate service. Aimedis offers alternative approaches to support high-functioning therapy models that could be applied anywhere independently to the hospital stays. Tech companies compete in this market to produce technology-based therapy solutions such as robot-assisted therapy that have a considerable potential to be decentralized and minimally supervised by service providers.

How Aimedis helps AI companies and service providers potentiate their outcomes?

First, Aimedis Platform: Patient’s data center.

For doctors and physiotherapists

High accessibility

Aimedis provides an integrative multifunctioning platform for patients and service providers to facilitate neuro and physical therapy management throughout the therapy period. We developed a patient’s data center to give doctors full accessibility to the patient’s data, including the patient’s history, medical diagnostic scans, treatment progress, and overall condition during the therapy.

The patient’s data center solves another major pain point in the neuro and physical therapeutic system, which is the lack of connectivity between the medical team from different locations.

Better ecosystem connection

Aimedis platform connects the diagnostic-interventive care with the physiotherapeutic care team and keeps them connected with the updated data and treatment progress. When neurosurgery doctors diagnose a medical condition requiring physical therapy, they order patients’ therapy and mostly don’t get reports back.

For the patient’s progress till the next visit unless the patient is hospitalized throughout the entire process.

Integration of AI, VR and AR

Aimedis develops and integrates the world’s first full service online rehabilitation hub that is fully integrated into Aimedis Virtual hospital. Despite we develop sophisticated VR and AR applications for professional therapies as well as patient therapies at home. AI will play a major role for both personalized therapies and adaption of VR/AR applications in regards to the problem and progress of the treatment.

For patients

The flexibility of therapy time

The patient’s data center gives patients the control over their data to give them the flexibility to resume the physical therapy from any given point without the pain of retrieving data from previous therapists, which mostly leads patients to start from scratch due to lost progress.

Decentralization of service

The patient’s data center also gives patients the flexibility to choose where they receive therapy. This feature decentralizes the process and frees patients from committing to complete therapy sessions that they feel no progress with.

Integration of AI, VR and AR

See above

Second, Aimedis B2B NFTs marketplace.

For AI developers

Aimedis introduces the first B2B medical and scientific NFT marketplace, providing developers and manufacturers of AI systems with reliable data and traceable medical data resources needed to develop neuro and physical therapy protocols and systems.

For patients

Aimedis provides patients the ability to profitize their medical data produced during physical therapy by recording and indexing data into well-structured medical NFTs that medical data providers can sell at a pre-estimated value in the medical and scientific NFTs marketplace. Giving patients and medical data a channel of monetizing the service helps service providers evolve and scale their medical service and, on the other hand, reduce the overwhelming costs of patients, especially in conditions that require long-term treatment.