Aimedis HealthFi explained


Serves as a DeFi product on Aimedis ecosystem


1- Diversifying the utility and extending the trading characteristic of the medical and scientific NFTs on the Aimedis platform

HealthFi Thesis

First, from a private sector hospital’s perspective

1- Private hospitals have patients’ data from their workflow; hospitals incorporate it in medical NFTs on the Aimedis marketplace.

Benefits for hospitals from this partnership?

1- Drive more revenue from the increased workflow (especially in medical services that are not covered by insurance or fancy non-essential services that generally have a lower flow).

Second, from the patients” perspective.


1- Patients pay heavily for health insurance which in some cases doesn’t cover everything. OR cover with a limited quota.


1- Patients have medical data generated, collected, and organized by service providers and will be monetized in the B2B NFTs marketplace at a pre-estimated value.

Case #1

Patients repay their loan to the hospitals on the due date and keep their slot in NFTs open (which is compounding by adding more data in the future) and get incentivized as soon as the NFT is sold.

Case #2

Patients can’t repay their loan or exceed the due date, smart contracts automatically liquidate their slot in the NFT, and the data acquisition moves to the service provider.

Case #3

Suppose the medical service initially estimates more than the patient’s incentive in the medical NFT. In that case, patients can deposit AIMx to increase the collateral size and get more medical services.

Case #4

Patients can STAKE AIMx at a 12.5% interest rate to gain the following benefits:

From Aimedis perspective

1- Extending the current medical and scientific B2B NFTs functionality by adding an instant market between patients and hospitals.



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