AI in Healthcare

Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Okay Google, all have been a part of our lives for some time now. We all have observed them getting better in understanding us, and anticipating us. The very fact that we have someone plan our routes, play our songs, and even order our groceries for us shows how intertwined our lives have become with AI.

Healthcare advise from a machine?

We all have accepted the role of Siris and Alexas in our life. However, how much would we trust AI when it comes to our health? To answer this, PwC conducted a survey of adults (men and women, 18 and above) from the EMEA. They were asked questions about their acceptance of AI and robotics in healthcare. The survey shows that the acceptance of AI in healthcare is increasing from the point-of-view of the patients. In a survey from EMEA, over 60% individuals between the ages 18 and 34 are comfortable talking to a bot for their healthcare-related questions, while only 11% of respondents from that age group are unwilling to use AI.

Aimedis: AI in Healthcare reimagined

At Aimedis, we are passionate about technology, particularly the use of AI in Healthcare. With doctors at the core of the company, we foresee huge applications of AI in healthcare and are already integrating AI with blockchain, making way for an easy to use service that will benefit each stakeholder in healthcare — patients, doctors, hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, and insurance companies.



We are creating the future of healthcare.

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