Ahead of Informa Arab Health 2022, Aimedis supports the healthcare field in the region with the latest blockchain, AI-supported technology, and solutions.

3 min readDec 19, 2021

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Sun Dec 19 2021


After two difficult years for global healthcare, we have witnessed the world come together to come up with solutions to overcome battle and conquer Covid19; we have seen over half a thousand companies compete on focusing on the future of healthcare transformation. The global pandemic drove an acceleration in digital innovations across the globe. Aimedis leads the innovation in blockchain-based technology by launching a set of advanced solutions for healthcare providers and patients to help ease pandemic-related outcomes and pave the way to the new generation of blockchain-supported medical data storage and utilization.

Aimedis joins more than 400 companies to exhibit in Arab Health in Dubai in the period between 24 to 27 January 2022 in Dubai World Trade Center. Presenting our latest technology, “Aimedis Health City,” the first metaverse experience in healthcare, and much more.

About Arab Health

For 45 years, Arab Health has been introducing the latest innovative solutions in healthcare. The range of innovations extends from medical imaging devices, computerized surgical equipment, AI-supported innovations, digital solutions, and cost-effective medical disposables. Arab Health is a leading healthcare business platform that connects global businesses with the middle-east market in a liaison that enriches the market and opens opportunities to new innovators in the industry.

Besides technology and innovations, Arab Health introduces Continuing Medical Education (CME) workshops and conferences, providing the latest scientific updates in emerging and trending medical interests.

Aimedis’ mutual Vision with Arab Health

Healthcare innovations, digital solutions, and medical education have been the focus of Aimedis since its foundation in 2019. Aimedis built the first blockchain-based integrative medical platform for doctors, pharmacists, nurses, patients, and services providers. Aimedis introduces the first medical and scientific NFTs that revolutionize medical data utility by offering service providers and companies the first marketplace to buy and sell data at pre-estimated prices.

Aimedis contributes to medical education by providing an extensive medical learning center for practitioners and patients. As a response to the emerging Covid pandemic, Aimedis dedicates part of the learning center to Covid resources, especially for patients with Long Covid. The latter suffer long-term complications of the viral infection. Aimedis helps patients get access to the most reliable evidence-based medical information.

Aimedis launches the first hospital chain in the metaverse (Aimedis Health City) in Arab Health.

Aimedis introduces the first metaverse experience in healthcare service represented in Aimedis Health City. The first hospital chain in the metaverse allows the Aimedis ecosystem to provide medical services in a complete metaverse-based experience.

Aimedis Health City provides an all-in-one Virtual-based medical services and medical data marketplace. The virtual city integrates the Aimedis NFTs, AIMx token, and all the operating services on the platform.

Aimedis will present the first metaverse demo on 24 January 2022 at the Arab Health exhibition, followed by the Steam game platform’s demo release.