A new era in patient education. How Aimedis leverages technology to improve treatment outcomes.

3 min readJul 3, 2021


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Sat Jul 03 2021


Patient education plays a crucial role in the success of any medical treatment. Whether it is surgical or medication-based, the medical intervention is continuously focusing on correcting most underlying and urgent symptoms, followed by a plan for the continuation of this correction and maintaining the healthy state and the results of the medical condition.

Here comes the hard part, the success of the medical treatment after any medical intervention relies solely on the excellent monitoring of the patient’s condition and the patient’s awareness of the treatment and the required practices to follow during the treatment period.

Examples of medical treatments that require a high level of patient education

1- Chronic diseases (Diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases).

The treatment of chronic disease requires the patient to have thorough knowledge about the condition and the goal. For instance, diabetes treatment relies solely on blood sugar control, which requires the patient to learn about how to inject insulin subcutaneously, use devices such as insulin pens, pumps, and measure blood glucose levels using test devices. Without having this information, the patient becomes more exposed to the risk of complications that come with uncontrolled blood glucose levels. Here comes the importance of patient education.

2- Surgical procedures

Post-surgical care plays a key role in the success of any surgical procedure. Patients after surgeries should be well-informed about the healing process, the expected side effects, and the instructions on how to take care of the surgical site and prevent complications. Before and after major surgeries, patient education can significantly improve the outcomes and help patients get a better experience during and after the procedure.

3- Pregnancy and Delivery

Pregnant women and expectant mothers should receive extensive patient education about optimal nutrition during pregnancy and the prohibited medications and substances that are known to cause teratogenic effects to the baby. The precautions to have during and after delivery to take care of her health and her newborn.

How Aimedis contributes to change the current patient education system

We developed a multi-layered approach that ensures patients and professionals get the correct required medical information at every medical care step. To achieve this, we successfully set the following.

1- Aimedis learning center

Aimedis introduces the most advanced learning tools to deliver the most updated and evidence-based medical information to patients, their families and medical professionals in an easy-to-learn way.

2- Aimedis primary platform

We provide a smooth connection channel between doctors and patients through the Aimedis platform. Doctors can access the patient’s profile at any time and share instructions and directions related to the treatment. Doctors can easily modulate the treatment after monitoring the patient’s progress and response to the prescribed treatment. Through the platform, the connection between patients and doctors ensures that patients are constantly updated and informed with all the needed medical information and never left with unanswered questions or being out of touch.

3- Aimedis social, medical platform (AIMSocial)

We provide a space for patients to share their experiences and progress with other patients and medical professionals on the AIMSocial to exchange valuable information and get a social experience with people on the same journey. We also reward patients who help others create content and share their experiences on the AIMSocial with a bonus AIMx token, which could be utilized on the platform to access other services.




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