A month before the GITEX supernova challenge, what does Aimedis bring to the AI technology and blockchain space?

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Mon Sep 20 2021

Project overview

Having started the journey in 2017, Aimedis successfully established a multi-functional integrative platform for health data with multiple user interfaces for patients, doctors, pharmacies and other healthcare key players to help manage, utilize, and transfer data efficiently and get easy access to medical data and a wide range of ehealth applications. Aimedis excels as the first integrative blockchain-supported medical ecosystem combining all eHealth applications needed in the healthcare sector for web, iOS, and Android.

Aimedis gathers all relevant eHealth applications such as health data records, prescriptions, second opinions, medical eLearning, video chatting, connection of health tracker devices like the Apple Watch and medical social media.

The history of GITEX

The GITEX summit was launched in 1981 in Hall One of the famous Dubai World Trade Center. The GITEX summit witnessed remarkable launches such as the MacWorld at the 1988 event.

The future blockchain summit

The future blockchain summit was launched in 2018 under the leadership of Smart Dubai as the first city to host a global blockchain festival. The blockchain summit addresses all the key ideas from experts in healthcare, finance, logistics, and blockchain-related technologies and applications.

The technology behind Aimedis

Aimedis platform and all associated digital services rely solely on leveraging blockchain technology to provide secure, transparent, and convenient channels to record, utilize, buy and sell medical data between users. Aimedis is not only a blockchain system; the blockchain is there to add a service level to the system. The blockchain adds depth to the trust, reliability, and transparency of medical data. The next level of Aimedis will be further decentralized using different levels of security for medical data.

The technology adoption

Aimedis aims for global adoption and strives for this by addressing the different regulations, GDPR in Europe, HIPAA compliance in the US market, and FDA compliance globally. This regulation-fit will help boost the market adoption by increasing the scale of users around the world. In the second quarter of 2021, we reached over +400k downloads and are targeting 1 million users by the end of 2021 on all operating systems.

The future of the Aimedis technology

We aim to make a significant change in healthcare data management by democratizing the data and providing unmatched technology to hospitals and healthcare institutions. The Aimedis platform, products, and services will help healthcare institutions meet the high service demand and maintain the highest quality standards. Aimedis will help manage and prevent diseases and save lives by the new emergency data center technology.

Aimedis’ effect on medical cooperation

Aimedis introduces a new dimension of digital-based connectivity between medical staff and organizations through the blockchain-supported platform. We achieve this by granting all platform users a secure and fast way to access medical data; another user could instantly access data collected by one end in real-time. For instance, when doctors prescribe medications, the prescription gets immediately available in the pharmacist’s user interface to acquire all the accurate information needed for dispensing the drugs and the medical insurance billing info, minimizing prescription errors and billing errors.
Another example of technology utilization is overseas data transfer. Medical service providers struggle to acquire medical data for foreign patients receiving services outside their countries, especially for short visits and tourism, data like medical records, patient’s medical history that typically needs hours, days, and permissions to acquire, are efficiently delivered when patient’s data is recorded and stored on the blockchain. Paving the way to a more globally connected healthcare system.

The Aimedis IDO

After the successful private sale round for AIMx, we are planning to launch our Initial DEX Offering in the period between 17 to 20th October in parallel to the GITEX summit to provide an opportunity for the public to buy into our fast-growing platform and join the community of thousands of medical professionals and patients around the world.

We offer our community to buy publicly, hold, or trade AIMx on decentralized exchange platforms starting with PancakeSwap. AIMx is utilized in all Aimedis platform services, and users can use it to pay at a 10% discount.

The initial projected liquidity will be 60.000.000 AIMx tokens from a maximum supply of 600.000.000 AIMx tokens with a 2% annual burning rate in the first five years.

The AIMx token can be summarized as a payment, utility, DeFi, governance, and social token.

Aimedis on Gitex and Future Blockchain Summit

Aimedis will launch its IDO as a live event on Future Blockchain Summit and offers with its booth there a deep inside into the Aimedis blockchain ecosystem and tokenomics while focusing more on the healthcare providers elements on Gitex itself. Please visit booth our booths.



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