10 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Aimedis IDO

How to participate in the Aimedis IDO?

Participating in our IDO is simple:

  1. Check out the official Aimedis Participation form at https://launch.sekuritance.com/aimedis
  2. Registration for the IDO opens 48 hours before the IDO date launch and closes 6 hours before the same deadline.
  3. Base allocation is calculated depending on the number of participants.
  4. When the IDO sale starts, registered participants with guaranteed allocations, lottery winners, and whitelist winners can fund their allocations in the pool.
  5. FCFS round starts 1 hour before the IDO sale
  6. Once the sale is finished, Sekuritance provides this crucial data to the Project Team. The team will send emails to the eligible participants with instructions on where to send the funds.

What are the potential benefits from acquiring AIMx at the IDO?

  1. Benefit from first-mover advantage: When buying tokens, the earlier your entry, the higher your reward. When you buy into our IDO, you enter on the ground floor. When introduced to the market, every new successful technology faces an adoption curve; the early adopters represent the group of people (users and token holders) who identify and capture the opportunity in the early stages and set themselves up for long-term success.
  2. Benefits from immediate liquidity: Token liquidity impact trading and trust — that’s why choosing a high liquidity platform is crucial. The Initial Dex Offering provides instant liquidity that gives everyone the leverage of buying a flexible amount of the token with immediate supply. Because tokens are locked, the liquidity we provide will last, and users will not suffer from dumping or “rug-pulls.”
  3. Benefit from the low cost of the token: The AIMx token will start at a low price on the Initial Dex Offering. Acquiring the token at the lowest price gives the token holder the best chance to reap long-term rewards on their investment.
  4. Meet Aimedis’ long-term goals: Aimedis’ platform, products, and services will help healthcare institutions meet the high service demand and maintain the highest quality standards. Aimedis will help manage and prevent diseases and save lives by introducing our technology to legacy institutions over the years. Meeting our long-term goals will achieve high profitability that early token holders will benefit from, either by utilizing our platform or trading our token.
  5. Obtain access to the first medical and scientific NFTs market (DataXChange): Our medical and scientific NFT marketplace provides well-structured, credible, and traceable medical data collected by trusted healthcare providers. The DataXChange marketplace allows data providers such as contract research organizations and healthcare providers to monetize medical data by selling it at a pre-estimated price in NFTs bought by pharmaceutical and insurance companies. The buying/selling on the NFTs marketplace utilizes the AIMx token as a primary payment method, allowing both sides to profit from the AIMx token.
  6. Join the latest trend in blockchain and token technology: The Aimedis Social medical platform (AIMSocial) will adapt the usage of the AIMx token also as a social token, never offering before known opportunities in participating and making revenues through social and medical interaction. This platform is for patients, by patients.
  7. Staking: Stake AIMx to receive yields as high as 12.5%. Lockup time for staking is at least six months. Keep in mind that we will burn 2% of the total existing AIMx tokens for the first five years following the IDO. After five years, decentralized governance will decide about the continuation of the burning program. Burning is a built-in deflationary mechanism we introduced to our tokenomics to protect our token buyers and early adopters.
  8. Benefit from our token rewards program: We will reward free AIMx tokens for active users and creators, including influencers, vloggers, moderators, surveys, and focus groups. Users can earn AIMx by building local communities as Aimedis ambassadors, building on their initial IDO purchase.
  9. Benefit from a 10% discount on all AIMx utility cases: All Aimedis users can utilize AIMx to pay for services on the platform. Patients, healthcare providers, pharmacies, and companies can buy, hold, and use AIMx to access all our services and products. Users can also use AIMx to enable social media functions and functions inside the platform. AIMx will be the primary currency in Aimedis DataXChange, the first medical and scientific NFTs marketplace. Users get a 10% discount on services when using AIMx as a payment method, giving you more bang for your buck when using your IDO AIMx tokens on our platform.
  10. Support the future of healthcare: Healthcare is an expensive, complicated, and diverse entity. Aimedis is just beginning to scratch the surface of what we will accomplish in the field. From medical records, appointment scheduling, documentation, and prescriptions, we are revamping the industry and converting legacy institutions to benefit from the wonders of blockchain technology and our innovative technology. By taking part in our IDO, you are participating in a technological revolution within the healthcare realm.



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